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Gratitude to Gaia Practice

Sit down to your meal in a relaxed and comfortable state of being.

Now, as you begin to eat, open yourself up as if you were being fed directly by Gaia.

Offer praise and gratitude for your food and take in the nurturing feeling of knowing that what you consume comes from mother earth, who wishes only to nurture you and strengthen you.

As you sip your drink, imagine that it too comes from mother earth. Give her gratitude for your drink and your sustenance. As you drink you drink from your mother and as you eat you eat from her.

You can even extend this practice, noticing and appreciating that as you sit you are supported by her, and as you walk she sustains you.

Even your breath is a gift of her air.
Gaia is all around you loving you and nurturing you.

Give her thanks for all she gives you.

Through your receptivity, you will open to her wisdom and communicate with her deeper than the intellect.
Gaia will share secrets with you through the leaves, through the shadows on the asphalt, and by the ripples dancing across the water.
She will reveal her wisdom hidden in all of nature.
Can you feel her under your feet?