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The dark side of religion

Most of you know by now how much I love the Hindu Goddess Durga, and how much she has meant to our Awakening Women practice.

Yesterday we got a message from a blogger in India.

Rajeev had read my latest Durga post, and he directed my intention to one of his latest posts about child sacrifice in India.

He points out how these horrible acts are happening in the name of Durga and other deities. It breaks my heart.

His blog post reminds me of the sexual abuse cases that have been exposed lately in the catholic church.

We need to advocate a spirituality where we bring consciousness into our entire humanness. Where all of who we are is embraced into light. This way our anger will be expressed as fierce love, not aggression and violence. Our Sexuality expressed as life force and love, not as perversion and abuse. And our prayers expressed as devotion and celebration, not as dark rituals of destruction.

You can read his blog post here (warning be prepared for strong scenes)

In awakening,