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Your Feminine Leadership Instrument

I wanted to share with you this little practice that I love and that I use a lot when I am on the road

You can do this practice sitting down, standing up, I love to do it while walking.
Your Feminine Leadership Instrument

Earth Breathing – Imagine a point a few feet inside the earth, right underneath the body. On the in-breath imagine that you breathe from this point and into the body. Imagine that you are breathing up and into your body, the solid peaceful quality of the earth. On the out-breath let your awareness sink into the earth again.

Receiving/ Attracting- Relax your lower belly/womb area/ pelvic floor. With your breath gently let go of any holding in this area. Open your self to receive. Receive the sounds, the colors, the movements resting in this area of your body. Open your self to the possibility to rest here, attracting to you that which you are longing for, allowing, receiving.

Power- Breathe softly through your solar plexus. Let this area soften and
relax. Imagine light radiating out in all directions. Fill the area around your body with Presence.

Heart- Imagine in the middle of your chest an open window into the vast space of the heart. Let all thoughts, feelings, sensations ride on the in-breath into the open window of the heart and let them dissolve back into space. Breath our the open quality of the heart. You can feel deeply, but nothing sticks.

In Love,