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Eyes Wide Open

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change ~ Buddha


As children we naturally seek out secret places where we can recharge and connect with our inner life. Whether it is just a place inside us, or a physical place where we can be alone, being there cultivates our inner wisdom and strengthens our sense of belonging. Going to a secret world under the kitchen table, between two protective rocks, or under a special tree in the garden infuses our soul with nourishment and magic.
When I was a child I had many secret places in the forest nearby to hide my treasures where no one could find them. Stones that in my eyes were diamonds marked my territory. I was surrounded by roots that were small fairy friends. Decorated with hair of golden grass, I became the queen of the earth herself. When my parents went through a painful divorce and our house turned into a battlefield, I sought refuge on a special rock behind the boathouse, where I sat for hours facing the lake. This round rock was my loyal companion; it provided a space where I could shed my tears. It gave me strength and comfort.

In our fast-paced so-called civilized life we often feel that “there is not enough time.” To take time just to sit in nature may sound impossible, but no matter what excuses we come up with, and no matter how many tasks are pulling at our sleeves demanding our attention, we just have to pause sometimes to keep our sanity and our health.

And if we long to open to our connection with the wild feminine we must take time to pay our very special place (within or without) a visit, if only for a few hours. The deep wisdom of the feminine is often transmitted on a much subtler frequency than we normally communicate on, and receptivity and silence  are needed to absorb it.
When we take time to connect with life from a more silent place within, to look and to listen with soft receptivity, we discover a world full of vibrant life. It seems as if the world has revealed itself from its hiding place behind a two-dimensional gray blanket, but the change has actually occurred within us.
In some indigenous cultures a core practice is to visit the same place in nature every day and to keep discovering and exploring the changing and shifting details of the place. This practice opens our sensory receptivity so much that we can feel the movements around us as our own movements. The universe almost becomes technicolored and everything seems fluid and pulsating with life.
Connected to ourselves on a level deeper than just the busy activity of our thoughts, we can see clearly again. We reawaken and cultivate a more sensitive state of being, in which our whole body responds to life with enthusiasm.
Normally we live mostly inside the narrow world of our own minds, and when we look at nature as we would look at a picture, at first it doesn’t seem like much is going on. But as we open our senses, more and more of the wonder and the interconnectedness of it all is revealed to us.
Can you hear it? The calling from the wild?

Jay Mother Earth,