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I am back home, after a looong tour.  More than any trips before this one was a radical deepening of my own feminine embodiment practice, and stronger than ever before I feel a longing to move even deeper in the practice together with women who also long for this  (I am having a vision of a month long awakening women retreat!!).

Now it is integration time for me. It is time for a deep listening within. It is time to connect deeper with surrender, with the mother, and with my family and friends. It is time to connect deeper with authenticity.

In this circus of different spiritual paths, all the latest super methods,  the latest messiah (oh yes, they are still popping up as regularly as summertime),  all the latest energy high, the only thing that turns me on is authenticity. I pray that I will serve that voice with all my heart, and that some one will slap my face when I stray from that.

Raw Real Roar,