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“I did not meet Jesus, I met a dog.”

I just read a wonderful story by spiritual activist Andrew Harvey about a faded movie actress who reclaims her will to live when she one day meets a homeless dog. In serving and taking care of this and other homeless animals she finds meaning.

Her life did not change because she had a vision or met a master or suddenly fell in love with God. I did not meet Jesus, she used to say tartly, I met a dog.

One afternoon she was wandering stoned, hungry, and desolate around her dingy neighborhood, wondering why she bothered to go on living at all, when quite suddenly, as if from nowhere, a small, knife-thin, clearly starving mutt with big floppy ears tottered toward her out of a doorway and fell at her feet.

What she discovered on that afternoon went beyond even the joy of rescuing one helpless and abandoned creature. What she discovered was the cause she would devote herself to that saved her life and restored her hope: animal rights.”  Read the whole story here

When I first started to offer the awakening women work, I listened to many women expressing their frustration and sadness because they didn’t get what they needed.

Some felt overwhelmed by taking care of a little child; they felt deprived and experienced a lack of support from their surroundings. One woman expressed frustration over her man not being present to her, another was just frustrated that life in general seemed to ignore them or even punish them. At that time I thought the work we had to do was to dissolve limiting beliefs that hindered us from getting our needs met.

What I now have come to realize, after having witnessed awesome transformation and awakening in so many women, is that in the very depth of our longing we will never be truly satisfied unless we find a way to honor and share our creativity and our gifts. We have to find a way to connect with a deeper purpose of why we are alive.

Even though we think that we lack this and that, this feeling is most often an expression of a much deeper longing: the longing to stand on deck and show our soul. Again and again I’ve seen that when a woman finds a channel to give, not as a way to eventually get, but as a genuine expression of her uniqueness, her frustration and demands evaporate magically. She feels fulfilled because she is connected to and shares from the very source of that which she thinks she lacks.

This does not mean that we should ignore our needs. On the contrary, in order to take care of ourselves we must take hundred percent responsibility for our needs. But let’s not be fooled into thinking that having all our needs met will fully satisfy us. That itching frustration will remain unless we involve ourselves in creating our world

What gives you meaning?