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How to worship a woman

Then, at the very center, in the innermost temple itself, all the layers of your devotion are flooded with reward all at once. You discover the very essence of the feminine, and in a strange way that is not exactly romantic, but profoundly sacred all the same, you realize that you could have got here with any woman if you had just been willing to pass through all the layers of initiation. Any woman is every woman, and every woman is any woman at the same time. When you love a woman completely, at the very essence of her being, this is the one divine feminine flame.~ Arjuna Ardagh

Image by Bibbi Friman

Last week my husband Arjuna wrote about worship. Not worship of an abstract far away deity, no he wrote about why it is wise to worship women.
He wrote mainly for men, but I think it is an important read for both men and women.

Since he wrote the post it has spread like a wildfire around the internet and lots of people have joined the conversation by commenting on the blog. Please visit his blog and join in! Go to article