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Posts from ‘August, 2010’

What story are you telling?

Guest blog by Lisa Schrader I listened to myself telling my tale of heartbreak to a new friend recently and in my boredom with my own story, I had a realization. Before the chapter called, “My Husband of 20 Years Left Me,” something powerful happened that I forget to tell. I was visiting Mt. Shasta. [Read More…]


as you maybe already know by now one of our (white hot) mottoes in the Awakening Women community is that; I don’t have to do it alone. (Oh, why not) please say it with me (out loud) I DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE! okay (feels good right?) so since I am a woman who [Read More…]


Poem By Blake Steel What is this innocent, mysterious sensation that permeates every cell of our body when we dare to stretch as fully open, as vulnerably open as we can? What is this God designed drug that makes our insides a paradise of soft pleasures, that makes our bodies move to some music of [Read More…]

Touch the bits! Touch the bits!

Let’s start this glorious day with an enlightening (and funny funny funny) reminder from Amanda Gore, of how men and women sometimes approach intimacy with a slightly different understanding of what will open the sexy  flow’n glow ….

The Awakening Women Practices ~ Video

Here is another clip from the Dharma jam I did with Richard Miller from TV. You can see the first clip on Feminine Embodiment here You can see the full interview at, and we will also post many more shorter clips here, and on our Fb page. If you feel inspired remember to [Read More…]

The Beauty Way

Guest Blog By Devaa Haley When we experience something truly beautiful, it can open-up the universe and allow grace to bathe us in Her sweet embrace.  Whether it be an incredibly gorgeous landscape, the smell of a rose in full bloom, an exquisite piece of music, or a delicious mouth-watering bite, when the senses are [Read More…]

Initiation from Life: The Story About the Goddess Inanna ~ Video

Inanna is an ancient Sumerian goddess, and her journey down into the underworld provides a powerful lesson about crisis, about the times in life when things are more painful then we think we can bear. Each and every one of us will experience times when things fall apart, times when we lose a loved one, [Read More…]

Feminine Embodiment ~ Video

The other day I had a inspiring conservation with Richard Miller from TV. We did it on Skype so I could sit and bliss out in my garden, as I tried my best to put into words this wild vast love affair that we are involved in, with feminine embodiment practice and…life. You can [Read More…]

are you willing to dangle in emptiness?

We are all wildly creative whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Even if you don’t identify yourself as a so-called artist, or creative type, you cannot, even for a moment, separate yourself from the creative unfolding that is life, all around and within you. In the feminine awakening journey, many women begin to [Read More…]

how do we bear the unbearable?

Some times it is tempting to just numb out isn’t? Sometimes it can feel too overwhelming this thing called life. Especially life lived through an awake feminine body…aaaaghh. I feel things so deeply, I always have. I guess I just had to bring practice to my stormy inner world, to stay sane. So here I [Read More…]

The Art of Being Alone

I found this little video wonderfully practical and poetic and compassionate and real. It is simply a reminder of how to be alone. Sometimes we have been so much together that we forget just how, we do this alone thing. here is the poem in writing if you rather would like to read it: HOW [Read More…]


Image by Bibbi Friman Poem by Eve Ensler I love being a girl. I can feel what you’re feeling as you’re feeling it inside the feeling before. I am an emotional creature. Things do not come to me as intellectual theories or hard-shaped ideas. They pulse through my organs and legs and burn up my [Read More…]

It’s a boy… I mean girl!

Last Friday my best friend in Norway had her second baby. Throughout the whole pregnancy all the signs told us that it would be a boy. The size and shape of the belly, the activity level of the baby, but the day they went to ultra sound the baby had its legs crossed (I know… [Read More…]