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It’s a boy… I mean girl!


Last Friday my best friend in Norway had her second baby. Throughout the whole pregnancy all the signs told us that it would be a boy. The size and shape of the belly, the activity level of the baby, but the day they went to ultra sound the baby had its legs crossed (I know… adorable) so no one could tell with 100% certainty. But still, we all expected a boy. The baby finally arrived, and yes you guessed it right, it is a girl. A big girl (how you can describe a tiny little new born baby; big, is beyond me, but that is what they said)

In the Feminine Leadership training we often use the different phases of child birth as a metaphor for the cyclic nature of the creative process (and of everything else for that matter), and in that sense I also found myself in labor this weekend I was finally giving birth to something I though to be a tele course series. This is after all what I have been pregnant with for a looong time. I have lost count of how many e-mails and messages and comments I have received from women who cannot for different reasons travel and join our live events (I know, most of them are in Europe after all), so I have felt for a while now that the time was ripe to begin to offer some Tele courses again.

And Saturday morning the contractions begun. I was sitting on my deck looking out to the forest behind my house, when I felt it. I grabbed my computer and started to write and write and write. I wrote for a good hour before I realized that was what being born was not only a tele course. I had twins! I also gave birth to an ashram!

A Virtual Women’s Ashram.

Yes, a virtual Women’s Ashram.

In my twenties I spent many years in different ashrams (meditation community) in India. Our latest retreat in Greece really reminded me of these years, and of how much I loved the simplicity and the routine of practice, in community. I could feel how much I would like to have this quality as an on going part of my life. I also feel that  these days as Awakening Women we are called to be fully  involved in our lives, that it is not always right to retreat for longer periods to do our practice, so this is how a virtual women’s ashram fits in.

I asked the women in our Face book community if this is something they felt attracted to, and the response was really powerful. Such a big YES from all directions.

So what is my point here?

Well there is two. The first is to remind you to be open for what comes out of you, let yourself be surprised!

The second thing I wanted to share with this story is my excitement about the babies! I will now take some nursing time and will report back to you about all the details soon.

I would love to hear about what you are giving birth to these days, and also how you feel about a virtual women’s ashram, is that something you would feel attracted to be part of?

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