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Poem By Blake Steel

What is this innocent, mysterious sensation
that permeates every cell of our body
when we dare to stretch as fully open,
as vulnerably open as we can?
What is this God designed drug
that makes our insides a paradise of soft pleasures,
that makes our bodies move to some
music of motion flowing from the core of us,
melting the mind steady in Light
calling it out of old defenses
into this very instant where Light’s magic happens?
It takes a powerful Love to handle it,
to not get lost in it,
to allow ecstatic pleasure to fire up
compassion in our heart,
to overflow in creative exuberance,
to play in all Life’s gardens,
and to passionately enter the sorrow,
passing into the dark of it
to weep for the tragedy of a world
so capable of ecstatic jubilation
locked up like this, addicted to manipulations
and miseries.
After the sorrow, then the dance:
this is what old prophets dreamt
in God-drunk states, reeling in a spirit-fused
fire in their brains.
This world needs to see it, feel it, smell it:
some springtime bursting forth through the bones,
into ever body, every cell, this sensual thing
resonant with the pure innocence of flowers and stars,
fanned out through the lazy yawn
of allowance, as the whole body
loosens into its primal health,
into a God-given guiltless joy,
into a wide open, splayed surrender,
arms embracing the naked sky,
kissing existence, drinking in the blue,
gulping down the Limitless goodness
of Love as Life and Life as Love’s
most soul-blazed, body burnt colors
splattered and singing,
flushed free and flowing,
in a wild spirit-wind
of everywhere human happiness:
arm around shoulder,
forehead to forehead, eye gazing deep into luminous eye,
circle dancing with children,
laughing with their body-shook laughter,
as they sing of a better world
we are all together birthing:
poem by poem,
song upon song,
kindness by imaginative, crazy caring kindness,
turning things upside down and back around,
taking the whole thing back into our own hands
in this laughter-rippled growth
of body-blown joy!

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