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The Beauty Way Course

Hi all,

here are some good news for all of you asking for more courses in the US or on the phone: I will be teaching in a powerful course on beauty in September/October together with 8 wonderful teachers on women’s empowerment and beauty.

I look forward to  connect with you there!  In Beauty, Chameli

From Devaa Haley the Course host:

Let me tell you why I’m so excited about the Beauty Way Course. In my work with hundreds of women, I have found that many smart, spiritually conscious women long to live radiant, beautiful lives, yet sometimes they face obstacles to living this dream.

The biggest obstacle is how they feel internally. They may work so hard that they are exhausted and have no juice. They may judge their bodies for the way it looks. They may not treat themselves with deep love and respect–to name a few of the issues that crop up regularly.

To access our true beauty, we need to move through these obstacles that obscure our radiance. We need to develop tools to connect with the divine essence at our core. And then we need to align our body, emotions, appearance, and life with that inner wellspring of joy.
The Beauty Way course is designed to do just those things. We’ve pulled together 8 top experts who will offer you important keys to a juicier and more satisfying way of being, as well as a journey of discovery for the spiritual dimensions of beauty. We see this as part of the return of the feminine that is needed to heal our culture and our world.

A woman who is living with passion, vitality, and purpose is beautiful, regardless of her outer form.

Click here to learn more about the course, or to sign-up now.