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Bringing Natural Beauty into Women’s Lives ~ The Women’s Temple Group


Guest Blog by Maria Vikman from the Awakening Women Team

When I first started to do my feminine practice I knew I was home! Home with “me” and fully in my own body.

I did not even know what I had missed out for so long.

Soon I stepped into being the retreat organizer, and participant, of the Yogini Paradise Retreat in Corfu, and I see it over and over again in the mirror and in the women participating; we all start glowing.

We radiate a pure natural beauty, which arises naturally when we do the feminine embodiment and empowering practices. And it grows by every day at the retreat, stronger and stronger, so by the end of the week we are not only a group of women, we all look like Goddesses! I look around and see women walking with full presence in their bodies, knowing their own healthy boundaries and speaking words of thruth and love. Who would not fall in love immediately?

I am so honored to be part of bringing out this natural essence of beauty in other women, I believe it can bring a real difference in the world.
One of the best way of bringing out this essence in an ongoing way  is to start a Women’s Temple Group, and that is what I am part of now!

Our Temple Group will start next week where I live, in Stockholm, Sweden. We offer two open evenings, then we are ready to form the group of women who will be part of this Beauty-Ride! And in doing it together with another “awakening woman” as a co-leader, I also have a deep experience that I don’t have to do it alone anymore (which is the way I have done it most of the time in my life). Chameli will also give the “Womens Group Facilitator Training” here in Stockholm end of September so I really have the best opportunity ever to deepen my practice and my leadership skills, the feminine way.

If you live nearby and want to join our Temple Group just send me an e-mail

Maria V

With Love

Maria Vikman


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