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Posts from ‘October, 2010’

Awaken the Sleeping Beauty ~ an initiation into womanhood

Guest blog by DeAnna L’am The story of Menarche, our first period, is rarely told. 
I find it interesting that women, who tend to share everything with one another, from first sexual encounters to stories of survival and recovery, are silent about this one. We have come a long way as women. We became assertive. We [Read More…]

Divine Vibrantly Healthy Raw Chocolate Fudge

Okay, here is my all time favorite sweet treat: 6 dates (Medjool dates if you have, otherwise soak for a bit in warm water) A big scoop of raw almond butter 2 big spoons of melted coconut oil Little bit of salt If you want more sweet, you can add agave or honey or other [Read More…]

sadness-shield anybody?

and here it comes. The fall. the storms, the rain, the darkness. the heart ache. the sadness. and no. The feminine embodiment practices does not make me feel less. Or make me have heavenly control over my feelings (I did after all, right there in the kitchen supply store earlier today, between the shelves with [Read More…]

It Ain’t Easy

Guest blog by Niki Andre “Easy” This word’s been coming up for me a lot in the past months. As in, “Damn Niki, you’re not easy” and “Why do people make relationships so hard? All this game playing. It should be easy” “It is easy” “It is?” Not for me it ain’t. My mother came [Read More…]

Our Deepest Apologies To Man

There is a wonderful new Page on FB called A Manifesto for Conscious Men. It was created by my husband Arjuna Ardagh and the wonderful Gay Hendricks, and it looks like a movement has begun! Please go to the Page and “like” and “share”, so we can spread this wonderful message. To celebrate this initiative [Read More…]

That Scent of Freedom

I was a little girl  at the very edge of Europe where there’s nowhere left to go but head first into the steel grey Northern Sea (and you just don’t want to do that. It is cold.) Like most little girls I moved with ease between the world of the angels, the animal kingdom, and [Read More…]

You can get married right now – to love itself.

The first gate to the deeper love is right here in your own heart. It opens through the longing to meet another without masks, to experience real intimacy without having to compromise who you are. Even if you are already in an intimate relationship, it is valuable to take time to connect with that place [Read More…]