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It Ain’t Easy

Guest blog by Niki Andre


This word’s been coming up for me a lot in the past months. As in,

“Damn Niki, you’re not easy”
“Why do people make relationships so hard? All this game playing. It should be easy”
“It is easy”
“It is?”

Not for me it ain’t.
My mother came from a cultural time and place where the “best” a woman could do for her daughter was to break her idealist spirit so she would be less disappointed by life
“Love. ain’t. easy. kid.”
“Men ain’t easy”
“Life ain’t easy”

Well, neither am I.
Too contrary; opinionated, too demanding, too precocious as a child…”That’s not ni-ice”

Oooh, I see, Easy like, “nice”

No waves. Status quo. Easily consumed, quieted, distracted, confused…Like…it don’t feel right…to be so …”nice”


I recently traveled to the Gulf of Mexico to document firsthand the aftermath of one of the many “hiccups” in our quest for easy lifestyles (easy like “nice”, like see definition above) – and the subsequent chemical quick fixes being sold to make the “cleanup” easy too…The making of this video and accompanying website – my effort to connect people with tangible immediate ways they can help – has been anything but easy. Nor easy will be our recovery, from all the damage done. All the ways we’ve turned a blind eye; the other cheek, demurred, acquiesced…This resurrection back to ourselves; this restoration of the balance – of all things coming together, in peace – promises to be a long and challenging haul.

Don’t get me twisted.
I don’t mean to make things sound “hard”. I’m a deep believer in working from our strengths. Emboldened, inspired… Doing the things that make us feel strong and vital (not diminished) …Collective.

So here’s to everyone courageously stepping up to the challenge.

One thing you are not, in this, is alone.

Niki Andre is a sweet, sultry and subversive Songwriter – Singer on the cusp of her emergence-y…In defense of Love. She’s a certified yogini, avid foodie and writes a mean albeit bi-monthly blog. Follow her lyrical quests at

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