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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

Sri Lakshmi ~ Live your Dharma with Abundance and Integrity

with Chameli Ardagh & the Awakening Women Team Date : October 6 – 8, 2017 Location: Portland, Oregon Sri Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance, beauty and wealth. She is the one who removes any idea of separation between our spirituality and our so-called ordinary life. She illuminates and liberates us from our limiting beliefs and unconscious loyalty [Read More…]

About Commitment, Passion & the Masterpiece

My passion, my mission if you will, is to inspire women to reconnect with the magnificent power, wisdom and joy of the feminine. This is my work and in my view I have created the most incredible work for myself. It is of course not perfect for everyone but for me its the best work [Read More…]

The Women’s Ashram ~ an update

Since I have received so many questions about when we can expect to be cruising around in our brand new Virtual Women’s  Ashram,  and since I am on a bit of a sabbatical when it comes to answering e-mails, I thought that I would give you an update here on the blog. I have been [Read More…]

We spit out borrowed ideas, we want the real deal. The direct undeniable realization of the pure beauty that we are.

I am sitting here on my last evening in Corfu. It is the completion phase of our Yogini Paradise retreat 2010. I am just surfacing after two weeks of deep-diving into feminine practices. It feels as we have created a magnificent women’s ashram here on this beautiful island in Greece, it is the fourth year [Read More…]

This is My Voice

This (see video below) sums op my intention for this (most powerful one of our lifetime they say) New Moon. I commit to express my voice, and to support other women to do the same. I bow I bow I bow to the masterful heart and voice of Shane Koyczan.

Bathing in My Souls Deepest Potential

Guest blog by Susanna Nova In the movie The Fountain, Izzi says; every shadow, no matter how deep, is threatened by morning light. I love this film, letting it in is like bathing in my own souls deepest potential. Reading the quote above I am feeling the word “threatened”… wondering, but yes, that is often [Read More…]

Reclaim Your Prayers

When I travel and meet women, I love to create space for devotion. Many share that it is as they have forgotten this essential part of human expression. One devotional expression, which some feel awkward about, is the practice of prayer. Too often prayer has been associated with asking for something. We pray to someone [Read More…]