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Bathing in My Souls Deepest Potential

Guest blog by Susanna Nova

In the movie The Fountain, Izzi says; every shadow, no matter how deep, is threatened by morning light.

I love this film, letting it in is like bathing in my own souls deepest potential.

Reading the quote above I am feeling the word “threatened”… wondering, but yes, that is often how it feels. When we discover some of the dark shadowy corners of our own being. Maybe we don’t want anyone to see them, feeling ashamed or just simply vulnerable.

Wounded, as we are though this life, there is often a part of us being sure we wont be loved there. Not by others, by ourselves or even by God. So, it seems like a kind of “holy war”. Between darkness and light, shame and love and all other opposites too for that matter.

But the morning light is here. Always… again and again. An opportunity to letting ourselves be fully loved in the corners of our shadows. My experience is that when I do, it is not only a beautiful dance of darkness and light that starts happening. It is as if a new world is opening up; a magic, simple, relaxed, fully forgiving and loving vibration… which moves through all of what is lived from there.

This quality is the essence of  Temple of Spirited Living, our company and our way of life.
Our company has a base of what we feel as “whole circle sustainability” where all the aspects of being human on this Earth are included. The organic materials and the Fair Trade production, only being one aspect of it.

The most important part being; “The magic in loving the Earth” . Opening to the amazing gift it is to be human. An invitation to the special possibility we have to be in loving connection with Life, with the Earth, the Sky and everything in-between.
When we do, it is a magic journey to live as a human being.

That is my commitment, day-by-day, moment by moment. To let the morning light shine into my deepest shadows. To reveal a new world.

I am also sharing  one of my poems…

White queen

A white queen from angels appeared
She dove into darkness, no fear
Gently, but with intense power
She opened a door of life
Together with her lover
He, the king of darkness
Yet, still from angels above
They came to dance the gift
Of bright innocent realms
Now, the door is open for you
To enter
They simply say
Welcome in

In beauty,


Susanna Nova and Temple of Spirited Living offer consultations, healing, events and trainings where they share wisdom from their own journey though life.
They are also creating eco chic jewelry where each piece is created as a prayer of healing to Mother Earth and as a blessing for the person wearing or viewing it. Every necklace is uniquely designed and handmade by Susann and Mira. They use materials that are organic, recycled and fair trade in every detail.
All of this to be found on their website, Temple of Spirited Living.