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We spit out borrowed ideas, we want the real deal. The direct undeniable realization of the pure beauty that we are.

I am sitting here on my last evening in Corfu.
It is the completion phase of our Yogini Paradise retreat 2010.
I am just surfacing after two weeks of deep-diving into feminine practices.
It feels as we have created a magnificent women’s ashram here on this beautiful island in Greece,
it is the fourth year we are gathering here.

Every morning begins with morning prayers and meditation. We all come dressed in white, we greet the new day, sing Gayatri mantra for the world and practice the sufi meditation of breathing all forms back into an inner ocean of love.
The roosters keep us right here, here with this breath. The ecstatic bird song keeps tickling us deeper into the soft embracing of our inner experience, just as it is.

When I come out of our temple, the wind is so soft, each step kissing the earth as I walk slowly in the early morning sun as it is filtered through the olive trees.

It is breakfast time. I have been making my green smoothies every day (of course, how I can live with out it), Ursula an Awakening Women practitioner from Germany has been picking wild leaves and flowers for me to put in my smoothie every day. The wild mint has been my favorite.

Then it is time for Life dancing. Two hours of surrendering to movement. Surrendering to the life cycle. Every day new layers of pain, of wisdom, of rage, of joy, all of it has space to be expressed through voice and dance. Master dance practitioner Carina Maria Caur is leading us, sharing from the depth of her own embodiment, her own dedicated practice.

After the dance, the ocean is calling us down to the beach. Awakening Women laying around as seal women, so beautiful and real that it takes my breath away. Every time.

I have been meeting with women one on one in the afternoons as well. Daily I find myself face to face with grace. Women trembling with fear and courage diving into the darkest of dark, they do it for us all, only to resurface radiating with wisdom beyond concepts and nice words. It is oozing out of every pore of their bodies. She face the darkness she most wanted to avoid, and we find ourselves basking in a brilliance beyond comprehension.

In the late afternoon the Yogini’s (feminine spiritual lovers) gather again for awakening women practices. Embodiment, embodiment. Bringing spirit, bringing awakening into the body. We spit out every borrowed idea, we want the real deal. The direct undeniable realization of the pure beauty that we are.

The foundation for how we are together is the Awakening Women Sister hood Manifesto. We take a stand for an awake and empowering way of being together as sisters. As I am sitting here now I feel it in my whole body that this manifesto is a lived embodied reality in my life. It is not only nice words, it is the very foundation of everything I am in the world. I don’t have to do it alone. I have a community of women in my life, women who are dedicated to practice to embodied awakening.

There is so much gratitude inside me, it is hard to contain.
I want to sing from the mountain tops,
I want to kiss the ground
I want to kneel down at the feet of every woman.
Luckily I am at the Yogini Paradise Retreat, and I can do just that.

From the depths of my heart sister, you do not want to miss this. I am not trying to sell anything to you (we are fully booked every year), I just do not want to hold back how much I encourage you to give yourself this gift. If you at all have the possibility, COME.
We are here every summer (see dates here)

It is happening.

In overwhelming gratitude,


(All photos Bibbi Friman)