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The Women’s Ashram ~ an update

Since I have received so many questions about when we can expect to be cruising around in our brand new Virtual Women’s  Ashram,  and since I am on a bit of a sabbatical when it comes to answering e-mails, I thought that I would give you an update here on the blog.

I have been in dialogue with wonderful consultants and coaches (dyana valentine , Danielle LaPorte, Copylicious , Lisa Schrader and many more wise and talented women. I promise to give you a complete list at the end. But the point here is: I don’t have to do it alone!), and the ashram is taking form.

We have put our heart and soul into carving out different ways that you can join in on this first ever virtual women’s ashram. You are a unique woman and there will be unique ways to participate in the ashram.

Do you want to just get an e-mail now and then with some fun and nourishing feminine practices? You can have just that.

Or maybe you want to have an online sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day, where you can share with conscious women in a whole different way than your usual social media site? That is possible too.

Or maybe you have been connecting with the Awakening Women work for a while and feel a longing to go deeper in the feminine embodiment practices on an on going basis? Welcome, we have the support and tools and structure for you to do just that!

Or maybe you have been wanting to deep dive into the work, perhaps work one-on-one with me but it have not seemed to be possible? Now it is.

The bottom line is this: You can enter the ashram whenever and in what way that fits your needs.

We have something for miss “i-want-to check-this-out”, and for lady “I-have been-going-to-retreats-and -want-to- keep- it- alive- and- stay- connected-on- an ongoing- basis”, and for I-am-just-longing-to- live-and-embody-more-of-the-feminine-in-my-life” and also for “I-want-a-nothing-held-back-radical-feminine-and-embodied-awakening-and-I-am-ready to-do-what-it-takes ”.

My intention is for us to kick off 2011 with our first month of practice in the Women’s ashram, so that would be January 2011.

However, it is a huge project to manifest, and right now the web-rock-stars over at e-webscape are  working  hard with building the actual web platform for our ashram, and, it takes time…

So stay tune, and include in your plans for next year that you will be participating and co-creating the worlds first Virtual Women’s Ashram.

Together we will make sure that feminine awakening will play a crucial part of any shift in consciousness we are heading for.

I bow.