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About Commitment, Passion & the Masterpiece


My passion, my mission if you will, is to inspire women to reconnect with the magnificent power, wisdom and joy of the feminine.

This is my work and in my view I have created the most incredible work for myself. It is of course not perfect for everyone but for me its the best work in the world.

To me it is a very deep commitment, this exploration,  and part of this commitment in me is to encourage you as an awakening woman to explore the depth of commitment within you.

Not to me or any body else,  but  to you.  A commitment to your own passion.

You may not be sure what your passion is, maybe you feel like  “I know there’s something I am supposed to do, but i don’t know what”.

It is easy to think that My Passion is in the future. It’s somewhere out there and that one day all will be completely clear and I will get my true calling.
But right now, right as you are sitting here reading these word, there is a feeling, a longing. We can say it is a small flame of something, an urge to give your gift, whatever that is.
I’m encouraging you to make a commitment to that in whatever form that is for you right now.

Maybe its a really clear vision of what you want to move into. Maybe it’s just the longing to do the work you already do, in a different way, in a more compassionate and joyful way, in a more feminine way. Maybe you are called to take time to just be with yourself. Or maybe you long to experience the depths of intimacy with another.

That little flame, it needs the safety of your commitment.
It needs that loyalty from you in order to go through the whole creative process it needs to go through before it can fully shine.

Like in a marriage, for the really deep love to fully open and expose itself, it needs the commitment in order to feel safe enough, to have the strength to go through all the fears and all the doubts.

We all meet times where the voices in our head are so loud, our doubts so seductive and our exhaustion so endless, and without commitment we give up.
It was just a dream anyway, I watch TV instead.

But of course the longing will not go away, in the midst of our numbness is this undercurrent of pain.

There was something here that I was supposed to give. But I’m not doing it.

Are you sitting on the fence, keeping your options open?

As your sister I will cheer you on until you jump, or else I’ll tickle you, until you fall…

… right into the master piece

(image Sally Mann)