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My first TEDx talk: The Fierce Face of the Feminine

In early December, in the very last lap of the year of 2010, another dream of mine came through: I was invited to give a TEDx talk!

It was the amazing powerhouse-women of SeeJaneDo, who against all odds managed to be chosen to arrange a TEDx Women’s conference right here where I live in the small Sierra Nevada foothills town of Grass Valley, California.

Since I came home from my Europe tour the day before the talk, I was jet lagged and with not must time to prepare, I decided to put all my political correctness aside and speak about a topic I feel very passionate about, The Fierce face of the Feminine (and looking at the response to one of our guest bloggers writing about a similar topic earlier this week, there are more of us out there!).

In the talk I address how to allow for a natural response towards injustice, without creating more hurt, how to embody the power and beauty of feminine rage, why we are called to step up and give voice to the power of the fierce feminine, and how anger is not intrinsically negative, only what we do with it.

Enjoy the talk, and I hope that you will share your response with us all in the comments section below.