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Break the Spell of Fear


To me the Awakening Women Way is both an inner journey as well as an outer journey, and the outer journey has taken me around the worl,d and I’ve been meeting with thousands of women in many countries by now.

Together we are exploring, like we are exploring together here, how we can live a more conscious, a more awake, a more magnificent embodiment of the feminine. My experience is that the number one obstacle women face when we step out into bigger versions of ourselves, is fear.

Fear is a powerful feeling, but opposed to what we normally think, fear itself is not what stops us from being courageous. The experience that we usually associate with fear is actually the product of resisting fear.

Stop for a moment and contemplate this: If you felt fear right now, what would your thoughts tell you to do? They probably would say to get rid of it, that you shouldn’t be afraid.  We have the feeling of fear, and then we have the idea that the fear should not be there, which creates resistance.

In our western culture we have divided feelings into positive feelings and negative feelings. We have learned that we shouldn’t feel fear, that it is a negative feeling. The truth is that no feelings are innately bad. Fear is a perfectly normal healthy psychological response to threatening situations. Your body is preparing itself to face challenging situations, it is mobilizing your fight or flight response.

Imagine that fear and courage are two feelings that are part of the same spectrum. On one end we are completely overtaken by pure terror and on the other end we are embodying Green Tara, a glorious, open, magnificent expression of courage. If we get identified with an idea that we should never experience the fearful end of the spectrum, we will constantly find ourselves pushing against the fear, resisting the fear. This means that we will never fully experience the realm of Green Tara, which is waiting at the other end of the spectrum.  In the way of the awakening women, we are learning how to dance in the whole spectrum of feminine expression. We are diving into the darkness of fear, as well as expanding and shining in the magnificence of the fearless feminine.

In Courage,


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