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Where is My Passion & Spark?

Guest Blog By Lisa Schrader

A common complaint I hear from women I meet in my  retreats and coaching sessions, is that they just don’t have the “energy for sex.” It feels like a chore, another item on the already overwhelming “to do” list. They often find themselves “giving up or giving in.”

If you sometimes feel this way, you’re not alone. The American Medical Association tells us that about 50% of the female population suffers from “FSD” or “Female Sexual Dysfunction” which includes a lack of interest in sex.

Of course there can be valid medical and physiological issues in the mix. As women, we also know that our libido can fluctuate widely depending on our moon cycle, life cycle, relationship cycle, or any other cycle we find ourselves in.

And taking all that into consideration, I also believe that the feminine body is speaking loud and clear, trying to get our attention. Could it be that the Goddess Within is saying, “NO” because she wants something different? She knows there’s a better way? A way that honors her as a sacred vessel. A way that unleashes her wild erotic power as a wave of radical transformation on the planet. A way that affirms her as the carrier of love and life in a way that traditional “friction” sex doesn’t touch?

This is not about faulting men. It’s about taking responsibility for your own turn-on, your own relationship with your sexuality. It’s about loving yourself enough to gently explore the truth in your body. Only from that place of personal awareness do you have any hope of going into a new realm of passion, ecstasy and awakening with another.

Your sexual vitality is the most powerful energy you have access to—the energy that creates life itself. As you cultivate your own sensual radiance as part of your Awakening Woman practices, you become magnetically attractive to all that’s wanted.

You feel happier and look younger. By bathing your cells in nitric oxide which naturally occurs when you engage in pleasure-based activities and activating oxytocin by following your feminine heart, you prevent the burn-out and exhaustion of constantly tapping out your adrenals in the hyper-masculinized way of the world—a way that works great for men but causes tremendous stress in a woman’s body.

Your body has her own unique message. What is she telling you about your Shakti, your sacred feminine life force? I invite you right now to gently cup your left breast with one hand and place the other on your belly-womb.

Take three deep breaths and drop your awareness into your body. Thank your body for all the pleasure she has given you. Just listen to her answer when you say, “I’m listening to you now. Tell me what you want me to know. Tell me what you long for.”

Love and blessings to you,


Lisa Schrader is the founder of, where she initiates women in an awakening of  their Shakti, or sacred feminine life force.

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