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What is the virtual Women’s Ashram? ~ Free Tele-Class

You are a magnificent, unique and brilliant woman.

Each time you fully show up as you, the entire celestial gallery of Goddesses are throwing their hands in the air, howling in ecstasy.

But, even though you know you want to live this precious life with all you got…you want to feel the breeze on your skin as intensely as you would feel a lover, you want to give your love fully, you want the real deal. You do sometimes get distracted from your inner source of brilliance.

For moments, days, weeks, years…  Automatic habits, outdated mindsets, keep you hostage in the superficial, and you betray that which matters the most.

We hear you. You are not alone.

How can we stay connected with the magic, in an ongoing way?

Space. Clarity. Fullness . . . A platform for pure connections.

You are invited to be part of a transformational field for women, just like you, who are tired of postponing and ready to fully honor, live and embody the feminine brilliance within.

In The  Women’s Ashram that will open online February 3rd, we have created a sanctuary for the feminine, to transform ordinary days into spiritual retreats.

With feminine embodiment practices delivered to you on an on-going basis you will explore the feminine way, an all inclusive in-the-body spirituality, beyond dusty dogmas and far fetched goals of the future.

Spiritual awakening, instead of being a peak experience you once had, or a concept you read about and compare yourself with,  becomes a lived and embodied realization of freedom and love uniquely experienced and expressed through you.

We do it together. It is easier this way. It is the way of the feminine.

Free Tele-Class: Friday February 4th, 5 p.m PST/ 8 p.m EST

(Find the time in your time zone)

A warm welcome to ALL women, to an inspiring call about Feminine Spiritual Practice and the world’s first virtual Women’s Ashram.

In this call Chameli will speak about the vision of the first virtual Women’s Ashram in the world. She will also answer all your question about how to join, how it all works etc.

You can listen on the web or on the phone, and you can submit your question already now – just register first. The recording will be sent to you the day after the class.

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