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Sister, remember this:

:: you are completely and utterly loved.

:: the intelligence that grows the leaves on the trees, is also moving you. Surrender.

:: your body is a miracle. It breathes, it pumps, it digests and it moves.  It is God in action. Just stop. Stop right now, being so  violent towards it.

:: the body is earth. Earth is awake consciousness. Embodiment is awakening.

:: a green smoothie is sometimes all it takes to get out of the yuck.

:: there is a rhythm to this moment. You can fight it, or move with it. Your choice.

:: dance, dance, dance.

:: if it’s not clear it’s not clear. Then you wait.

:: the door to freedom is always right here, in this experience. Not later, not after you have  x x x x x. Right here. Like this.

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