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About giving, bitterness and learning to receive

Women love to give.

It gives us deep pleasure to give.

In fact, our body produces healthy hormones when we give. It’s essential for the feminine to give.

But what we do is that we give and we give and we give and we give and we give and we give and we give and we become completely dried up.

And then, we become bitter.

And our children wonder why we don’t laugh anymore. Husbands wonder why we don’t want to have sex. And we? We basically don’t want to get out of bed ever again, we feel drained. Exhausted.

This is the point when we say “Ah, forget about this. I’m not going to give anything more. Now it’s MY turn!

And here we are, blocking our selves from one of the most essential source of rejuvenation for the feminine, which is to give.

The solution is not to stop giving. The solution is also to learn to receive. It is in a constant flow of giving-receiving that we find our vitality and joy.

To receive is almost like a muscle that we have forgotten to use. Western women  have created a hard “shield” around our bodies that hinders us to really receive. Receive love. Receive nourishment. Receive beauty. To feel our sensual alivness in our bodies.

An essential part of our feminine embodiment practice is to cultivate the capacity to receive. For the sake of all.

A Receiving Practice

Drop your awareness down into your lower belly. You can, if you like, put your hand down on this area of your body,
allow your breath to sink down, drop down. Have patience, no need to push.

Slowly let go of any holding, and as you are doing that, the breath is invited deeper into your body.
Breathe in to the hand on your lower belly, relax the whole pelvic area.
Begin to look out from this area of the body.
Begin to receive sounds from this area of the body.
Receive the movements around you from this area of the body.
As you are resting here, open yourself for the possibility of attracting towards you that
which you long for, to rest here and allow, and attract, and receive that which you long for…

Let me know how it works for you, sister.




Photo: Mikaela Merlina