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Becoming A Real Woman – Through Sisterhood

Although I have for many years now dedicated my life to the exploration of the awakening feminine and a conscious women’s culture, it has not always been easy for me to be with other women.

Early in my life I felt great competition towards other women, mainly around men. I felt deep distrust to other women, and I even have had experiences of girls ganging up against me when I was younger.  I did not have this innate trust of women from early on.

Through my practice in the Women’s Temple groups, I slowly began to understand that there is a connection between my relationship to other women and the relationship to my own feminine essence, to my own body, to my own womanhood. They were linked together.

The more I pushed women away, and treated them with less than respect, the more disconnected I became from what it meant to be a woman. This insight catapulted me onto a journey, an exciting and challenging journey, back to my feminine essence. And the doorway was through a deep healing process of the relationship to other women.

In healing the relationship with the outer women, we are healing the relationship with ourselves. In a very existential way, we are healing a war that has been going on between genders and particularly towards the feminine for the past thousands of years.

Again and again I have heard women, when they join the Women’s Temple and experience this way of being with other women for the first time, expressing that it feels new and “different” at the same time as it feels “home”.  It feels in a deep sense familiar, almost like a remembering from ancient times. Women have always gathered together, and it feels as if the cells in our bodies store these memories.

In more tribal societies, we can still see women gathering together in ways that we as modern women have forgotten. In indigenous tribes, the women sit in circles doing their craft together, combing each others hair, touching each other. They hold each others babies, telling stories and laugh and cry. Together.

My passion is to co-create with women all over the world a women’s culture where we feel utterly safe and celebrated with each other. A culture where we are being straight and honest, and where we see each other as whole and awake. Of course,  we all also have our habits and limitations, but that does not define us. We bring all of it into our practice.

The Women’s Temples are not your traditional support group or therapy group. Instead of having our main focus on our problems and limitations, we are exploring ways of being together that in more direct ways open us to what we are longing for.

Even though the Women’s Temple group is a place where you can come as you are, and you are welcome with your limitations as well as with your strengths, we have discovered that it is not in only sharing our problems that we find the depth that we are longing for. It is through the deep recognition and celebration of each others strengths, beauty and uniqueness that we grow to love every part of ourselves.

I believe, and I see it proven again and again, that when we as women come together as true sisters, miracles happen.

In Sisterhood,

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