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The Beloved’s Hands

Guest blog by Mags Deane

If there were any purpose to time it would be this: the time it takes for the Beloved to reveal what you have not yet been able to love; the time it takes for the Beloved to soften your heart through the relentless pain and longing of being human.

The unloved corners of your being wait.

As Love moves in we learn to let this dear character called ‘me’ do what it does. To take our mental hands off it and to lay on it a different pair of hands. More natural hands.

Hands from your heart that bless and stroke and speak approving words of okayness.
Hands that fold your human body into their embrace. Not just the sweet, imagined body of your inner child but the broken, mind-battered body of an older being, no longer so agile or worldly beautiful.

Hands that love to love whatever they hold – that are drawn irresistibly to the object of their secret devotion….you. Just as you are, with your hidden little idiosyncrasies and shamings, your hits and buzzes of arrogance, your compulsions and so-called flaws. All so nothing in this tender flow.

Hands that bring only mercy and benevolence, that whisper and will whisper to our dying day: “Come and lay with me. Come, lay here forever with me”.



Mags Deane is the creator of Non-Dual Heart Mentoring which facilitates our awakening to truth and the opening of the heart to disowned, unloved aspects of the self that cause so much suffering and heartache. Private sessions are offered by phone or in person in Mt. Shasta, CA. She writes a blog on this journey home to Love at



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