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I surrender

How tender it is, the place in us that yearn to trust.

In all of us there is an innocence core untouched by cynicism and defense strategies.

From here we meet life, wide-eyed in wonder of it all.

Here we know how simple it is to love.

But many, after years of disappointment and betrayals, have hidden this tenderness behind thick walls of protection. Now we associate surrender with losing ourselves, and yielding with being taken advantage of. We even mix up loving with the terror of being let down. So we let our armor grow solid and we keep life at a safe arm’s length away. But we pay a price.

When we meet life undefended, even for a moment, we discover that we have no enemy but fear itself.

In surrender, we choose to let our hearts break a thousands times instead of living life trapped in fear. Each time we are willing to stay open and broken, the hard shields of defense soften and expand.

A little bit more touchable, a little bit more free.

Who moves you? When you let go of the steering wheel, when you relax your agenda, your busy planning, who moves you? Who grows the hair on your head? Who pushes the sprouts up from the ground?

Who moves you?

Right now That is asking you to dance. Are you willing? Ready for a red hot tango with ….?