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the intuition game

This practice will help you become familiar with the underlying river of intuition. It is a way to practice surrender, to discover how life unfolds without your interfering.

You will need a whole day with no agenda (ok, a few hours will also work if it is hard to take a whole day.)

Take some time to tune in to your body. Close your eyes, take a few really deep breaths, and just notice your inner atmosphere.

Make an inner commitment to allow the body to be your guide and anchor for the day. On each deep out-breath silently repeat with words or simply with your attention: I surrender, I surrender.

Now  wait for the impulse to come. When it comes, move, and then wait for the next.

In the beginning, it can be helpful to move very gently so that you really stay in tune with this deeper current of action; but as you get more familiar with it, you will find that you can move around as you normally would, but still being guided.

Whenever you get lost in too much thinking, you can simply return your attention to your breathing and to your body.

Maybe you will end up not doing much, even falling asleep at first. Maybe you will run around a lake or move around town the whole day, finding yourself in unknown places and meeting with people you normally would not talk to.

You may stumble on inspiring books, or suddenly notice a carved sculpture you have passed every day for the past five years and never seen. Maybe this sculpture will give you the impulse for where to move next. Maybe you will call people without knowing why, yet being open to deep connections.

Be an adventurer without a map or any idea of your journey’s goal.

Sit down at the end of your practice and go through what happened, taking some time to notice how your inner atmosphere feels now.

Good luck!




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