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How does it Taste? What Texture does it Have?

In our feminine embodiment practices we are not so interested in “why”. Analyzing has its place, of course, but in terms of exploring the deeper layers and the piercing potential of the feminine path, we are encouraged to let go of the  linear “cause and effect” thinking. Everything is connected, but in a much multifaceted way than we can think our way to “get”.

One of the practices we will embrace deeply these weeks in Corfu, is the direct experience of life as texture, as taste, as atmosphere, Rasa, it is called in sanskrit. Traditionally we talk about the nine rasas of existence, and that each experience has the flavor of one or more overlapping Rasas. As always we take the traditional, bring it into our alive practice, and discover deeper levels and insights. Of course we are in the Yogini circle exploring more than 9 rasas (I can hear the raw belly laugh of the Goddess here).

So how is this relevant to us in our daily life?

The fundamental gift of this practice is that it shifts your perspective of your experiences. Instead of having experiences just happen to you, as problems or gifts, something your have to get rid of, or hold on to. You can now meet it with curiosity, your can experience its flavor and texture and smell and feeling, and you can actively add new spices, new rasa to bring about alchemy.

Picture this. Your lover is upset with you, he feels that you are working way to much and that you don’t spend enough time with him. In the practice with rasa, you take a moment to feel this experience directly. In the body. It is life taking form like this, right now. What is the flavor, what is the texture, what is the atmosphere? Does it have a smell, do your see any images, hear any sounds?

Now see if there is anything your can add, at the level of rasa, to create alchemy. Just ask  “what is needed here?”, and then wait. Remember that in any given moment there are many rasas available, expand your experience to include more. This way you create space, ease, flow, even as discomfort and reactivity also are present. From this place, you can tend to the issue.

The practice of our linage is an alive and ever evolving unfolding. When you accept your place in the circle, YOU create it.

How can you bring the practice of Rasa to even deeper insight and practicality today?

This circle would love love love to know..