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Have you had tea with your inner monsters lately?


At the very beginning of time there existed a single sublime couple: the lovely mother earth, Gaia, and the magnificent heavenly sky, Uranus. Gaia was so beautiful that Uranus desired to make never-ending love with her. This celestial lovemaking produced awesome gods, pretty human beings and unwholesome frightful monsters.

Ever maternal, she loved them all equally despite their looks and behavior. Uranus, did not feel the same. He was ashamed of his ugly  monster children and he did not wish to see them walk upon his lovely Gaia.

Uranus decided to hide his ugly children. In secrecy, he locked his children deep inside Gaia, in the underworld. For a long time, Gaia was oblivious to the awful things Uranus was doing. Eventually, Gaia began to wonder where some of her children had gone off to.

Aware that something was wrong, Gaia began to observe Uranus. It was not very long before she discovered his dark secret. In her rage and fury, Gaia asked Chronos, one of her godly children, for help.  Following his mother’s wishes, Chronos hid his knife and approached his unsuspecting father. Before Uranus understood what was happening, Chronos cut off his father’s genitals. In pain, Uranus fled to safety – high, high above the earth, and ever since then, the earth and the sky have been separated.

Disembodiment disease =  losing our capacity to feel with a sense of trust, openness or confidence.

Feelings, at their root, are in and of your body. To be present with and in your body is to be present with your feelings.

In your feminine embodiment practice you learn to meet your feelings, to be present with your feelings, and even to celebrate them. The more you practice, the more fully you will experience each feeling as energy flowing through. As life!  You will learn to let your feelings flow through you and dissolve, leaving no trace, no hang ups or baggage. Leaving you open and available to respond freshly to each moment.

Many of us find emotions threatening.  They feel uncontrollable. They make us feel weak. We feel our only choice is to suppress them, indulge in them or act them out in the hope of getting rid of them. I think each of us can recognize in our inner selves a reflection of Uranus. We like the lovely, comfortable feelings but we send the more dark and irrational feelings into the basement of our being. We like to think that they’ll go away but they don’t.  Nobody likes to be locked in the basement, and rejected, stifled feelings will begin to make trouble sooner or later.

All unmet, resisted experiences and feelings — the monsters — are the shadow side of our personality. Parts that we don’t accept or refuse to include in who we take ourselves to be. We’re rarely aware of our shadows; they’re hidden or unconscious, but this does not mean that they’re not there.

You may find yourself projecting your shadow onto another person – judging or blaming them.  We think “He’s such an angry person – that’s why I can’t be honest with him.” If we look a bit deeper, we might discover that what we’re recognizing and bothered by in another person is something which we don’t like or accept within ourselves.

With practice, you’ll be able to notice what’s happening and question your negative judgments of others. You’ll be able to look within to see your shadow self — a monster within — who wants attention. 

You will discover a new level of empowerment, as you take 100% responsibility for the disowned parts of your own self. Yes, I have this too. That anger, which I detest in you, is here, inside of me, as well. In this simple recognition, your willingness to let go of your rigid point of view, you open up to compassion. Everything we see and experience in the world is also a part of who we are. Every time a monster, or shadow, rises to the surface, it’s an opportunity, an invitation, to awaken to a more total experience of who we are.

Images from “Where the Wild things are” and by dianalevinart


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