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A woman awake to her Shakti knows herself as a spark of divinity

It you want to be passionately in love, begin with being passionately in love with yourself.” ~ Lisa Schrader

A few times every month I leave my beloved, the boys + the cat to relish in their own boyish life- style, to spend the night in the Shakti house with Lisa and Suzan (my cat, Angel, is female, she may carry serious resentment of me leaving her in the midst of a yang extravaganza but as I look at her lounging in the sun, she appears… content).

If you have been in contact with the Awakening Women office, you know Suzan. She is our communication goddess with a heart like the sun. Suzan and her daughter Crystal, share house with Lisa (and Zoe, but she left for college this summer).

Lisa Schrader is my Dharma sister and I want you to get to know her. She is a gifted coach and the founder of Awakening Shakti. When you meet her you are immediately embraced into the highly sensuous realm of the feminine. I once had a vision of the Goddess Lakshmi, radiating an amber-like glowing soft love. Generous beyond and beyond.  Lisa is the closest embodiment of that vision I have ever met.

“A woman awake to her Shakti, her sacred feminine power, knows herself as a spark of divinity. She is radiant with love and contagious energy. She has practices to help her return to the light of her own heart for sustenance when human existence just gets… overwhelming.

If you have been around the Awakening Women blog  for a while you know that it is rare we write a purely recommendation blog posts. This is one.
Over at they are about to launch their popular Awakening Shakti Initiation program, it is happening on the phone, and I know that for some of you, this is what you have been looking for.

“She feels things deeply, and honors her emotional life as her guide. She allows her erotic energy to fuel her creative contributions in the world. She has “Joy-gasm” experiences just smelling the morning air, seeing beauty, or tasting a ripe cherry tomato from the garden.”

I have not participated in this program myself, but the initiates are sharing about ecstatic transformation in their life (very often these testimonials have the word  “orgasmic ” in them, so…)

I have had the honor to be around Lisa in her home. I have for many years been witnessing how she lives her life, how she embodies what she teaches. I am deeply touched by her profoundly sensual way of greeting each breath. My whole being softens, leaning in to her vast heart.

“SHE needs to feel, to be bathed in delights that awaken her senses. She needs to be loved and listened to. If you do not make time for her, why do you think that a man will?”

There are still a few seats left in Lisa’s upcoming “Six Month Unleash Your Shakti Power Initiation Program” beginning Sept. 22 (from the comfort of your own phone). Click here to learn more

With Love, always