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Durga- the Tiger Riding Goddess

Feminine empowerment is not found in the cunning navigation through the all too familiar playing fields of the power games, it is found in the forgotten depths of that which truly matters to us.

Durga fiercely pulls us out of the painful tug of war of win or loose, and right back into love. Not love as something you sometimes feel, but a love that in fact is the very source of your genuine feminine power.

In the Hindu mythology where the story of Durga is has its origin, the demons that she is fighting represent the forces within us, and in life in general, that generate conflict, separation, hatred and delusion. The gods and goddesses symbolize clarity, love, and awakened consciousness.

At the root of all these different aspects is oneness. This means that both the “Evil” and the ‘Good” arises out of the same one source. Through the on going process of the awakening feminine you will become aware of how these different aspects take form in your life, and how you habitually relate to both the “gods” and the “demons”.  If you accept Durga as your teacher, she will show you a fundamentally different way that you can navigate through life, resting in and sharing from a feminine source of power that is much needed in the world today.


Riding on the tiger,