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Live as puja ~ beauty- ritual- devotion

Before I sat down to write this note to you, I lit a candle, some incense, and I spread the last withering rose petals from my garden at the feet of my statue of Saraswati, the Goddess of art and writing and creativity.
I created a puja.

Puja is a small ritual of devotion. I like to think of it as small pockets of beauty that I can create in my day.
An oasis for the feminine soul.

Those of you who have been with Arjuna and me in the Deeper Love know about the Couples puja, yes, you can also create small rituals of devotion for your partner (even if your partner has not arrived in your life yet…).

Puja can be a way to mark transitions. Between the seasons, between work and open time, endings, beginnings.
As you drink your morning tea, light a candle, say a prayer.
When you come home from work…or at the end of the week…burn some incense, take a bath, dance, stretch, pray as the sun is setting.
Just a few minutes – growing roots in infinity.

With practice and dedication, Puja becomes a way of living your life. In the  Shakti tradition from which our  awakening women practices rise out of, we aim to live as puja.

This breath is my offering.
As I sit here, this is my asana.
My thoughts and words are the  rose petals I offer at the feet of Her.
My feelings are the incense, the subtle tremor in my body is my dance.

I offer it all.
Just like this.
It is all I’ve got.