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Everything is energy

Every living being perceives subject and object, but the Yogini resides in their union.
~ Vijnanabhairava

Your body is energy, energy that sometimes moves so slowly that it appears and feels solid, yet in it’s deepest essence, at the crossroads where the scientist and the mystic gaze at each other in absolute surprise, we find nothing but space.

What is this energy? As we deepen in our Yogini embodiment practice we begin to directly realize that every experience is an expression of one consciousness – sometimes dense and contracted, sometimes expanded and light. In this vibrantly alive flow of movement, the Goddess reveals herself.

The more dense expression of energy which we experience as body, is not in any way less divine than the more airy cosmic visions of the beyond. The doorway into Her Temple is always, always, always right here. In this very expression. Just like this.

In the inner Yogas and the feminine embodiment practices we cultivate sensitivity to the vibration of life no matter how it takes form. We cultivate the capacity to stay awake in the midst of  it all.   We are clearing the inner channels, we are untying knots of density created from outdated but habitual response triggers. We find fluidity in our being, not in the rejection of density or contraction, but in the surrender to the constant ebb and flow of Her dance.

Who are you beyond your outdated identification with being separate?
There is a mysterious lovemaking happening. Right now.

Feel it.


In sisterhood,



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