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pssst… sister… the universe is hiring

So I pray.
It is my job. For real.
Everything that we explore in the Yogini circles,
everything you read here,
everything, arises from prayer.

But what about self empowerment?
What about taking charge of our lives?
What about looking for the answer from our own wisdom?
What about all the ways women have given away our power in the name of religion?
What about that the divine is within us?
That there is only One source and no Other to pray to?

I know. I know.  It does not make sense.
But what can I do when I again and again find myself on my knees offering rose petals at Her feet?

I have signed up for full time service, and I could spend the rest of my life saying “thank you”.

There came a time when I knew I had done it my own painful way long enough,
and I decided to trust Her for real.
When my head touched the ground, I found dignity.
In surrender, I found power.
In asking and receiving, I was able to serve in a big way.
In loosing myself, I found myself.
In turning my eyes towards Her, for the first time I saw myself.
Finally I found my way.

Last night I said to my man, if I could choose my life over, I would not change a thing.
I cannot imagine anything more ecstatic than this (but I assure you that She can, she does it for me every single day).

Looking back over that year, I saw the crash-landing of an entire online ashram, I was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery, found out I did not have cancer and I lost a beloved friend and colleague in a challenging business break up.

So no, ecstatic does not mean that life is always pink and frilly.

Looking back I also saw a radical expansion of the Global Yogini circle, I turned forty, I moved to my dream house (correction: I could not even dream such a beautiful house, Lakshmi did.) I stayed four weeks in Corfu, my heart’s sanctuary. The most talented awake and inspiring women joined our Awakening Women Team, making the admin side of this work a blast.  I started getting direct guidance from ancient Yoginis, and the year ended with 150 wild souls joining our 21 day sadhana intensive.

So no, ecstatic does not mean that life is always about obstacles either.

Every sensation rushing through me is reminding me that I am given another moment
in this achingly beautiful experience of being human.
Transcendence, density, expansion, contraction,
the Goddess is dancing hot tango with her man,
I am the pulse between their yearning hearts.

Sister, before you get all busy and serious about your new year resolutions,
take a moment to tune into that force which beats your heart,
which grows the leaves on the trees, which creates and tears down,
Tune into the captivating rhythm of evolution,
and dance your way into your holy calling.
The whole universe is dancing with you.

With love, always




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