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Millions and millions of women have prepared for this time

I know that life sometimes sucks, I know you have been through hell. 
I know people have disappointed you, hurt you, that you have failed many times, that you have regrets and unfulfilled dreams.
I know that your body does not always fit into the image that you want it to be.
 I know relationships are hard.

I know you have spent years and years working on your “issues”. It is all good.

Now when we have all that out in the open, lets turn it around.
Lets turn it all inside out, and let’s discover a new way, a new world.

We are not leaving this world behind,
this new world is the world inside this world.

It is the world inside that pain, inside that hope,
it is the heart inside the heart inside the heart.
It’s home.

This path is not a path of self improvement, 
it is not about fixing yourself,
or comparing yourself to an ideal future state.
It is not a path towards a goal.

It is a love affair.

You fall helplessly in love, and everything shifts.
All is the same, all is different.

You feel everything stronger,
the pain is more excruciating
the bliss more unbearable beautiful.

You receive every breath, every sound, every thought
with wonder
with attention,
with curiosity.
Some moment are dull or dense or stuck, even those moments are miracles.
Just as when you first fall in love with a person,
you see with fresh eyes.

This is the path of the Yogini.

Here there is only one way to fall and that is deeper and deeper in love.

Everything you call “me”,
thoughts and preference, memories and feelings, hunger and thirst, divine and broken.
will continue to arise, yet the glue between it all will melt away.
It all swirls around like a raindrops in an ocean of light, gone before you can grasp it.

Once you claim your seat on this Yoginicircle your life will never be the same
you fall in love
with yourself.

It is an infinite love affair
with an infinite self

Oh yes, the Yogini’s are back, dancing in from the horizon of timelessness, gathering the sisters.
Millions and millions of women have prepared for this time,
and in the midst of this magnificent display of passion, and love and beauty
if you look around you, you will discover your seat among the wild hearted Yogini’s, ready to live it.

It is time.


 21 day Lakshmi Sadhana starts January 25th. Learn more here



Photo: Bibbi Friman