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Are you allowing yourself to be supported?

In my Yoga class this morning I found my self  leaning my legs up towards the wall, a blanket was rolled up underneath my thighs. I had two pillows supporting both my wrists, and one under my head. Oh, and did I mention the warm soft blanket hugging my whole body?

This was the point when the yoga teachers asked: are you allowing yourself to be supported?

It went straight in. I cried. I whispered to myself: yes, yes I am supported.

I wonder what makes it so hard to ask and to receive support in our daily life? Where did we get the idea that that is weak?
In our striving to prove ourselves to be on top of it all, that we can do it alone, we are re-enforcing  an identity of being limited and separate, overlooking that we are all part of one totality and intimately connected to all things.
Everything and everyone are endlessly giving and receiving.

Where am I blocking the flow? Am I resisting support? Am I holding back my gifts?

Do you want to practice with me right now? Lets do it together…

Feel the seat underneath your body, holding you.
Feel the breath filling you, always taking care of you.
You are being held
You are being breathed

Are you allowing yourself to be supported?

I am letting go.




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