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Longing is the deepest design of the Universe.

Guest offering by Sukhvinder Sircar

The universe as we know it was at origin one unmanifest whole,
the remembrance of which lies deep in every particle of it.

The secret & spirit of evolution is embedded in this longing.
Longing is not a sign of incompletion. It can exist even in the most peaceful and settled souls.

It is the thread that connects one to source, one end of which is in your heart.
It is the remembrance as well as the compass.
By following this direction called longing, one unerringly heads back home.

This is not the time to abuse, neglect or ignore this light thread. Within it lies the secret of your evolution.
Speak to your longing, ask it and it will reveal to you your path and your greatest Self.
It will reveal to you who you really are.
It will lovingly show you how to become more of who you long to be.
This longing will stay with you till you finally achieve that which you long for.

Longing is god’s most compassionate way of keeping connection with you.
Who knows, is it you longing for God, or God longing for you?



Sukhvinder Sircar: is a Yogini sister in our 21 day Lakshmi Sadhana, she is a metaphysician, mystic, healer and transformation leader. She is deeply passionate about women’s work, and works in divine partnership with Shakti to bring forth the awakening. Her Joyous Woman! Workshops are divinely inspired. An accredited Process Facilitator with 18 years of work, she most ably creates a safe space for the participants, and through her process, leads you gently, powerfully & swiftly in your awakening & self-love. Transformation is a vulnerable process, as it means letting go of the familiar and comfortable.