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Unplug from the drama

When you feel that knot in the belly,
when there is a court drama playing in your head,
when you panic, when you worry,
when you regret it the moment you push the send-button.

When you hear yourself say yes, or no, again, shrinking inside.
When it’s not enough, or way to much.

When his/her every movement is all you can talk about, think about, dream about.
When it feels as there is no way out, when you can only see an either-or solution,
and both are impossible.

The drama is endless.

We think that happiness will come if the story goes right,
so we push, and we pull, with all we got.
We get plugged in.

Yes, you are living this life in a female body, it is inevitable that you will feel
pleasure, you will feel pain, and you will feel everything between.

But there is a deeper suffering:

When we get plugged into the stories, when we get caught in escalating reactivity,
when we forget who we are, we feel what the Buddhists call “the root disease,”
we feel the pain of separation.

If I unplug will I still be engaged,
will things still get done, will I still fall in and out of love?
Will I still make choices, what about right and wrong?
Will I never raise my voice?

Breathe deeply, take a risk, let go.
Remember that Presence is infinite creativity.
Connect with the Presence inside of the inside of all things, first, then lean in with all of you, into the dance of form.

Practice: Pull the Plug

Your practice is to pull the plug from the drama.
Notice what happens when you “sit back in the saddle”, connect with your breath, and expand your awareness to
include the source moving as you, moving as the other, moving as all things.


Please let us know how it goes (post a comment below)

With Love, Always


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