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Are you looking for Movie tips? Here are 2 movies worth your time.

Dancing in the Flames ~ with Marion Woodman and Andrew Harvey (yes for real!)

“Dancing in the Flames is a brilliant and intimate documentary into the life of Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman, who is known for her ground breaking work as a teacher and author on feminine psychology and addiction. We are taken into a metaphoric representation of the unconscious imagery that Marion discusses so passionately and, in doing so, are invited to examine our own lives. Brilliant mystic and author Andrew Harvey interviews Marion as she explains the mysteries of her soul’s journey and reveals a series of psychological ‘deaths’ and ‘rebirths’ that have formed the consciousness into which she has evolved. The film presents a philosophy of dynamic opposites, the bridging of seeming contradictions. Life and death, love and grief, courage and submission are not at loggerheads for her—they’re part of a harmonious whole. By embracing these opposites we come into the totality of human experience.” From

Just click the link above and you can watch it free online.

As it is in Heaven (Swedish with English subtitles)

This is one of my favorite movies of all time.  The three main female characters are reflecting deep beauty and truth on an archetypal level.

“An internationally renowned Swedish conductor returns to his childhood village and agrees to help the local church choir hone their singing skills. The harder Daniel works draws out the singers’ hidden inner talents, the more he realizes just what he’s been missing by living in the big city. Before long he’s made new friends, and found a new love. As It Is In Heaven was Sweden’s official submission for Best Foreign Film at the 2005 Academy Awards.”