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Returning Home

A woman’s journey back into the body is a journey of awakening, a journey of liberation..


:: Practice

So let us have a taste of this right now.
Start with bringing your attention to your feet.
Simply notice the sensation of the feet, of the heal, of the toes,
and beneath the feet, and on top of the feet.

Imagine now an empty pitcher. When you pour water into the pitcher,
it will rise from the bottom up. In the same way
awareness can begin to rise up the legs, up to the knees.
Feeling the knees , and up the thighs. Rising up, through the hips, filling the pelvis.
Imagine the pelvis as a bowl, and how a warm, golden, healing oil is in this bowl now.

If you sit just rotate your hips, so this healing oil can touch the inside walls of your pelvis.
Imagine that the oil is rising up, filling your chest, shoulders, and arms.
When it reaches all the way up to the head; take a few deep breaths and imagine that
all this oil will pour down through the body and down into the earth beneath you.
Slowly slowly let this thick oil leave the head, pouring down the shoulders,
through the chest, down into the belly, and down into the legs,
and down the feet, and all the way down into the ground.

Now take a moment to feel your body and  notice if you are a bit more aware,
a bit more present in the body right now.
You have just done a very simple embodiment practice.
Welcome home.