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Sister, Search No More. The Key is Authenticity


Do you want to feed the trance, or do you want to be an instrument of awakening?

There’s so much plastic and hype out there, and yes the masses are eager for it, because we think it will feed our soul.

But it doesn’t. It never does.

Instead we have a culture suffering from painful emptiness and massive addictions.

We all know the feeling of being touched by the authentic, by courage, by true art. It feeds us. For real. It wakes us up.

Sister, there is no one who “has it right”. Only right for them. There is no one to copy, as soon as you do, it becomes plastic.

There is only you, and your unique flavor of humanness. Your job is to trust that which you have been given, to fine-tune your unique gift.

This is what the world needs, this is what will bring you joy, and at the end, in my experience, this is what also brings success.

Forget about trying to fit in, or to be smart, or up-beat, or digestible. We are bored already.

Your practice is to learn to listen and to trust what comes through you. You need to move to deeper waters in order to touch the real. And now all of a sudden you no longer feed into our painful  trance of emptiness, you wake us up!  Just by being you.

Deep Bow,


Art credit:  Luana Silense (AKA Itokash)