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The Return of the Yogini ~ Reflections after Practice in Yogini-land (Corfu Greece)


Guest blog by Miri Kalliwoda

This was my third time in Corfu, and each time I meet new challenges and it is always teaching me something important for life. While in retreat, together with my beautiful Yogini sisters, I feel supported.  I can feel that I am not alone and I feel brave enough to dive deeply into the dark facing the unknown and finding long hidden treasures within me.

Maybe the voice of my heart sings and dances louder there, embracing me with loving air.

This year my sankalpa (intention) for the retreat on Corfu was “I don’t know”, and I had a taste of what it really means to surrender and let go of my own expectations and beliefs. It was scary at times and yet it opened so many doors for me ~ beautiful, touching moments ~ heart breaking as well as heart opening.

The opening within me is so profound and has in one way nothing to do with Corfu. But the time with the women on this beautiful island has given me the courage to see and feel what I normally try to avoid while working and living at home.

Now, at home, I miss the circle, the sharing, the touching, the waves and the ocean (but not the mosquitos, sorry guys!). It is a mixture of feelings in me: sadness, loneliness, gratefulness, love, etc., and to me integration time means exactly that, to give space to be with all the different feelings moving in me right now:

I feel what is here fully, I let it go… and a new moment appears.

I feel more and more like my favorite animal, the squirrel: alive, a little confused sometimes, grounded with both feet and sometimes on all four of them, daring to jump, facing the edge, yet full of joy, curiousity and love for life.

I am grateful beyond words for Corfu, the practices, the Yogini circle, my heart dances.


IMG_2629Miri is a Yogini from Berlin, Germany. She loves squirrels, nature, meditation, Lifedancing, music and life itself. She has been working as a police detective for many years now, and is teaching criminal law at the police academy. She also is a Lifecoach, and is writing a book about feelings, thoughts, habits and the effect on our body and life and a Lifedancing teacher to be.




photo by Bibbie Friman Awakening Photographer