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A Practice of Feminine Leadership

Every thing appearing in your experience right now,
each sound, each thought, each feeling
each pain, each pleasure, 
ALL of it,
is the dance of Shiva/Shakti
outpouring of unfathomable creativity.

Each appearance is a wave
arising and dissolving
 out of Lalita Devi, the one mysterious ocean.

This is why the seeking for a future state of 
will only take you further away 
from that which will fulfill your longing.

And this is why we can ride on any wave, any experience,
no matter how ugly or pretty it is,
 and let it take us home.
When the waves feel unbearable, 
dive deeper down into the ocean,
you will be less seasick there.

When you feel the impulse to change or contribute
to the movements of the waves,
make sure to connect with the ocean first,
then move in.

Our practices make us more transparent, 
more sensitive.
Fear and doubt may arise, it feels vulnerable,
 our old strategies seem less effective.
If you find ways to hold yourselves through it all,
you slowly cultivate trust in a new sense of empowerment.

This practice will support you
 in holding yourself.
It will ground you, 
it will cultivate that soft presence and receptivity.


::  The Feminine Leadership Instrument

Earth Breathing – Imagine a point a few feet (one meter) inside the earth, 
right underneath the body.
On the in-breath imagine that you breathe from this point and into the body.
Imagine that you are breathing up and into your body, 
the solid peaceful quality of the earth.
On the out-breath let your awareness sink into the earth again.

Receiving/ Attracting- Relax your lower belly/womb area/ pelvic floor.
With your breath gently let go of any holding in this area. 
Open your self to receive.
Receive the sounds, the colors, 
the movements resting in this area of your body.
Open your self to the possibility to rest here, 
attracting to you that which you are longing for, allowing, receiving.

Power- Breathe softly through your solar plexus.
Let this area soften and relax.
Imagine light radiating out in all directions.
Fill the area around your body with Presence.

Heart- Imagine in the middle of your chest an open window 
into the vast space of the heart.
Let all thoughts, feelings, sensations ride on the in-breath
into the open window of the heart and let them dissolve back into space.
Breathe out the open quality of the heart.
You can feel deeply, but nothing sticks.


With Love. Always.



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