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Dare to let that holy flame within you grow hot and dangerous

Come closer beloved Yogini,
and re-claim desire as your holy connection
with life itself
Can you enjoy how desire rushes through you?
Sometimes fierce and strong as a hundred wild horses,
sometimes a magnetic depth all the way to the inside of the inside.

In your willingness to stay present, and to feel the raw sensation of desire in your body
you are invited back into the womb of Shakti,
your whole life becomes a puja to the beating heart of creation. Shakti is that which moves you, which dances you, which breathes you,
which stretches you beyond what you could have dreamed for yourself.
Shakti is what pushes the seed to sprout, the universe to expand, the bird to migrate,
it is the nuclear power at the core of all things.

The most direct way we can experience the power of Shakti
is in the burning urgency of desire.
(Yes, let’s go in sisters, right into that heat.)
Desire can be poison (we have all been there),
and desire can be medicine.

We all know how we can get lost in obsession, in addiction, in endless craving and neediness.
Yes ~ desire ~ left to the unconscious, can lead you to all those places and more.
But the very same desire, rooted in service, is your Amrita, the very elixir of life.

Dare to desire to give your gifts, desire a better world,
desire to live as love, to create beauty which will feed us all for real.
Dare to let that holy flame within you grow hot and dangerous,
and you will be able to look the world straight in the eyes, and say
oh yes, I have seen into the depths of beauty
and I will not settle for anything less
than the real deal.


:: Practice – Unplug from the object of desire

Allow yourself to desire. Anything.
Food, a partner, money, clothes, enlightenment, dream job.
Do not sensor yourself.
Now pull your focus back from the object of desire,
into the feeling/sensation of desire itself.
Pull your focus even further inside.
What is the source of the desire?
Where does it arise from?


Dancing in the holy fire with you,