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Into the Darkness


Guest Blog by Dominique Youkhehpaz


On days like these, cold and rainy,
I feel a pull from the deep from the dark, womb of the earth,
source of all things.

I wonder what life would be like if
we slept in the daytime and kept awake at night.

What would our relationship be to the dark?

I wonder
how we would encounter war, greed, hatred and jealousy differently
if we were familiar and unafraid of the dark;
if we were accustomed to staying awake even when
we couldn’t see what lies ahead or behind,
adapted to the brilliant compass-light of the stars
and our own inner knowing.

What would we see if we learned to see beyond sight;
What would we hear if we listened to the primordial tongue of darkness?

How would our lives change if we trusted the dark, loved her surprises, worshiped her depth?

Perhaps we would all be artists,
connected to our creative essence that sparks from the dark.
Perhaps we would stop trying or pretending to know.

Perhaps boundaries of self would blur
And loneliness would be a distant dream.

Perhaps we would not know the difference between falling and flying,
laughing and crying, living and dying.
Tears would be mistaken for rain
and belly laughter for earthquakes.

Love and longing would know the same name
and light would just be darkness’ bride,
overbearing, soul-piercing intensity.


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DominiqueDominique Youkhehpaz is a student of Awakening Women and founder of Self-Marriage Ceremonies, a pathway of committing to what matters most to you, honoring the wisdom of your innocent heart, and living love, for real. To find out more, visit