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Is your inner Mrs. Fix-it leading you astray?


Sometimes it feels as if you have lost Her (It, Him, Spirit, Connection)
and you think you have to learn some more methods,
or you have to “let go and accept”.
You have to think good thoughts,
or get rid of thoughts all together,
or you have to process and heal something in order to find Her again.

You can follow the hooks of your inner Mrs. Fix-it  for eons
and around and around you go.
Yet, at any moment
even now
Spirit is right here.

She is like an expanding blossoming within, a Beingness.
She is not a state, or a high, or a celestial mirage who only visits on holidays.
She is that which breathes you right now, she is that nuclear power
in the innermost chambers of all things that pulls
space and vibration and energy into this – what we call ordinary life.

There is nothing wrong in doing or thinking or analyzing or planning,
but when these processes are uprooted from Being,
they spin us into the hallucination of separation and dusty repetition.
Here we feel shut down from Her Shakti, the vitality, creativity
and sense of belonging that our soul thirsts for.

You cannot “do” or “think” your way to Her.
It is through a moment to moment intimacy
that you can descend into Her infinite knowing
underneath the fixed compartments of the known.

:: Practice ~ Drop the hooks

Practice today to not follow the well trodden tracks of
Mrs. Fix-it in your head.
Don’t try to stop Her, don’t discuss with her,
when she comes with her hooks, just laugh.
Yes, laugh. Even if you don’t think it is funny,
laugh as practice.
Out loud if you can.

That’s all.

~ Chameli