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About Devika Fossen


Lives in: Norway
Will travel to:  Scandinavia, the UK, Southern Europe and beyond…
Speaks: Scandinavian, English, a bit of latino: French, Italian, Portuguese plus fluent in body language!
Asks: to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 EUR per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops.

I have lived in India, Denmark, Sweden and South Africa and traveled to many corners of the world.  The last years I’ve been committed to family life and my bodywork practice in the beautiful village Norheimsund by the Hardangerfjord on the wild, wet, wonderful west coast of Norway.  Here I run my bodywork studio `Kjelda´ (the source), teaching Pilates, BodyFlow, running online cleanse journeys and holding Temple groups locally and in the city of Bergen.

I have been practicing bodywork for the last 30 years, doing massage, alignment and movement based body awareness in groups and with individuals.  My spiritual background is a deep connection to Nature, having spent years living in Osho’s ashram in India in the late 80´s as well as having Shanti Mayi as a teacher – all huge gifts in my life.

Connecting with the Awakening Women’s circle through an online sadhana in 2010 was the beginning of an amazingly beautiful journey.  Living in a relatively remote place, far away from a sangha, practicing mostly on my own – it was a huge relief to feel that I did not have to do it alone anymore!  I love being part of this vibrating, alive circle of awesome awakening women all over the world. Even though most of the connecting happens online, it gives me a sense of sacred sisterhood and belonging.  And then – meeting the Yoginis in the flesh – eye to eye, heart to heart, in India, Europe and on the magical island of Corfu – is wonderful beyond words…

Chameli`s powerfully deep and poetic guidelines, her juicy Presence – inspires me to find my own way to share the Feminine Essence that is so needed in the world today.  She conveys the medicine of the ancient Goddess archetypes and has transformed it into potent spiritual food for hungry awakening women of all ages and walks of life.

I love the fact that the Circle is the teacher – we are beads on each other’s mala’s, and in this safe space we can explore our growing edges.  The Dalai Lama said a few years ago that the healing of the world will come through the hands of women.  I humbly resonate with this.  I feel so grateful to be part of our amazing, ever-expanding, abundant yogini circle that is full of active hope, fiercely committed to truth and love.

The blessings of having Temple practices in your local area is Being together in the body, creating sacred space, and seeing and connecting truthfully with your Sisters.  In this atmosphere of trust and respect, it is easy to embody the feminine essence, to experience what Is, embrace the darker sides and celebrate the tears and bliss of womanhood.  We practice the art of Surrendering.  Guided by the sisterhood manifesto and the temple practices, you can develop your own Temple where Truth rings out to those who can hear and feel.  The Temple is answering a universal call, deep within each woman, the potential for healing and connection that is created is endless.  I am dedicated to this work and so grateful to be in Service and ride this wave of Shakti happening all over the globe.  I am ready to travel and support You in creating Temple where you live and inspire you to feel confident in continuing the practice.

In deep gratefulness to serve the unfolding river of Feminine Flow,
“Gracefully Riding the Tiger”

Contact Devika
Phone: 0047 45610998
Tolomarka 315600