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About Dominique Youkhehpaz


Lives in: Northern California, United States
Will travel to: anywhere in the world
Speaks: English
Asks: to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 dollars per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops

I moved to Nevada City soon after first taking the Awakening Women Leadership Training, now I am part of the Nevada City Women’s Temple.  Once a month I hold temples in Berkeley and Sebastopol, California.  I assist in Awakening Women retreats as much as I can and have been traveling to Corfu, India and Germany to practice with the global yogini circle.  In between, I am home working on projects for Awakening Women and giving my own work and offering of Self-Marriage for women.

There is nothing more in the world I love than feminine embodied spirituality, living a truth that denies nothing and bridges spirituality with daily life, being immersed in a sisterhood where we mirror this truth for each other.  I remember vividly my first time stepping into Women’s Temple (at the Leadership Training in Nevada City in November 2011)—it literally felt like stepping inside myself, like a melting, a recognition, a falling in love, a return home.  It changed the course of my life because now, it is my life.

My life has been a nonstop love affair with Women’s Temple, Awakening Women and feminine embodiment practices ever since—I dream about Temple and the yogini circle almost every night.  These practices are always integrating deeper and deeper in me, and have helped me to move into and through heartbreak, hold myself through all the waves of emotion I experience every single day, and step into leadership, holding temples and offering my work of Self-Marriage.  I feel like I have come of age and become a woman through Awakening Women, through taking my seat in the yogini circle.  I am forever a student of this circle, and every day I fall deeper in love.

I am totally devoted in service of the yogini circle, and it would be a great joy to facilitate a temple retreat or support you in starting a temple group.

“The All-Embracing Ocean of Devotion”

Contact Dominique:

001 (310) 864-0404
PO Box 1575
Nevada City, CA 95959